AAI & ICOP Scheme

ICOP (Industry Controlled Other Party) is the globally harmonised Quality Management System, defined by the IAQG-International Aerospace Quality Group, see Regulation AS/EN/SJAC 9104. The following diagram shows the organisation structure of the International (IAQG), European (EAQG) and Austrian scheme:
ICOP Scheme Structure - International, Europe & Austria

IAF: International Accreditation Forum IAQG: International Aerospace Quality Group OASIS: Online Aerospace Supplier Information System
EA: European cooperation for Accreditation EAQG: European Aerospace Quality Group COT: Certification Oversight Team
NAB: National Accreditation Body
(In Austria: BMDW)
CB: Certification Body
(In Austria: Quality Austria)
NAIA: National Aerospace Industry Association (In Austria: AAI)
BMDW: Austrian Federal Ministry for Labour and Economy (Akkreditierung Austria) RMS: Regional Management Committee AAB: Auditor Authentication Body

The Structure of AAI – QC, RMS, AAB – reflects the Austrian ICOP (Industry Controlled Other Party) structure, which has been established for the assessment and certification of supplier quality systems in accordance with EN 9104 Series.