Introduction to EN 9100

How the EN 9100 = AS 9100 = JISQ 9100 was developed:

In December 1998, the Aerospace Industry had established the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) with the purpose of achieving significant improvements in quality and reductions in cost throughout the value stream.

This organization, with representation from Aerospace companies in America, Asia/Pacific and Europe and sponsored by SAE, SJAC, and AECMA has agreed to take responsibility for the technical contents of the “9100” standard.


What is the content of EN 9100 = AS 9100 = JISQ 9100?
  • Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organisations
  • ISO 9001 and aeronautic requirements issued by the Military and Aviation Authorities
  • In this Standard, the requirements for the procedures (Processes) in the complete Organisation have been defined
  • The introduction of this QM System (contractual requirement from all customers such as Airbus, Boeing, …) should within others also help the suppliers to have and implement a harmonised Quality Management System for all the customers