In a Nutshell

  • Founded May 2005, coordinates all QM-activities
  • In charge of the Austrian implementation of the 9100/9104 ICOP Scheme
  • Austrian ICOP Scheme recognised Sep 2005, first Austrian AEA in Dec 2005
  • First EN 9100 certification under Austrian ICOP: Jan 2007

AAI Quality Committee

The AAI Quality Committee was founded in May 2005 with the main purpose to establish the platform for the coordination of all activities within the Austrian Aeronautic Industry related to Quality Management, particularly the Austrian implementation of the ICOP Scheme for the assessment and certification of Supplier Quality Management Systems (e.g. EN9100) in accordance with the requirements contained in EN9104.

Learn more about the AAI Quality Committee (AAI-QC), the related AAI Certification Body Management Committee (AAI-CBMC) and their Members as well as their History. Find all information about AAI & the ICOP-Scheme and all details about the Austrian certification capabilites related to the EN9100 Standard for „Aerospace Quality Management Systems“.