In a Nutshell

AAI UAS Working Group

The AAI UAS Working Group (AAI-UAS-WG) was founded in 2012 to facilitate the information exchange and cooperations among Austrian companies, developers and researchers in the domain of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), sometimes also called RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems). The working group meets quarterly and is also open for non AAI members involved in Austrian UAS development or research.

Vision & Mission
  • Coordinate the exchange with national authorities (like BMVIT, ACG) and European authorities (like EASA, EC) – especially for rulemaking and research funding
  • Linking all relevant national companies, developers and research institutions (Bridging Non-SME ↔ SME, civil ↔ military, Industry ↔ Research) to facilitate cooperations
  • Representation via-à-vis international institutions, especially in the European Union (like EASA and ASD or UVS-International)
  • Where required, also cooperation for marketing and events (e.g. press conferences or scientific conferences in Austria)
  • Exchange and events with operators to meet their requirements
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