In a Nutshell

  • Regular Trainings: DOA, POA, AS/EN 9100
  • Occasional Trainings: STE, Part145, DO 178/254, Export Control
  • Normally in spring and/or autumn in Vienna, also open to non-AAI-members
  • For further details please Contact Us
  • PLANNING FIRST HALF 2020 (German) Kursprogramm Erstes Halbjahr 2020

AAI Trainings

AAI regularly hosts trainings for companies and research institutions from the Aeronautics/Supply/Industry about the following topics:

  • POA – Production Organisation Approval (EASA Part 21: Subpart G)
  • DOA – Design Organisation Approval (EASA Part 21: Subpart J)
  • AS/EN 9100 – Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations (IAQG – OASIS Database)

On occasion we also offer trainings about:

  • STE – Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE-100)
  • Maintenance Organisation Approvals – (EASA Part 145)
  • Export Control Regulations
  • DO 178 / 254 (Hard-/Software-Development for Airborne Systems)

There are two classes of fees:

  • Discounted fees for Members of AAI
  • Slightly higher fees for Others (External Companies, etc.)

Our courses normally take place in spring and autumn in Vienna. For further details please Contact Us.

PLANNING FIRST HALF 2020 (Dates and Prices – German) :
Kursprogramm Erstes Halbjahr 2020