Working bodies of AAI

  • General Assembly (“Mitgliederversammlung”): Meets twice per year to bring all members of AAI together. It decides on the general strategy of the association, elects the board and facilitates the information exchange among our members.
  • Board (“Präsidium”): Consists of top managers and directors of leading Aeronautics/Supply/Companies from all over Austria. Decides on the implementation of our general strategy and elects the President as well as the Secretary General.
  • Secretary General & the AAI Office: Responsible for all day-to-day activities of AAI, in particular the operational implementation of the general strategy and its further development.
  • Quality Committee (AAI-QC): Coordinates all activities related to Quality Management, particularly the Austrian implementation of the ICOP Scheme for the assessment and certification of Supplier Quality Management Systems (e.g.: EN9100) in accordance with the requirements contained in EN9104. All AAI members are entitled to nominate their quality experts for the AAI-QC.
  • Other AAI Working Groups like the AAI ILS Working Group and the AAI UAS Working Group.

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