Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT)

Giefinggasse 4
A-1210 Vienna

+43 50 550 - 0


The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria’s largest non-university research institute. At the main locations Vienna Giefinggasse, Seibersdorf, Wiener Neustadt, Ranshofen and Leoben around 1,400 employees carry out research on the development of those tools, technologies and solutions that will keep Austria’s economy fit for the future in line with our motto “Tomorrow Today”.

Main Focus in Aeronautics

– Wire-based additive manufacturing, alloy design (Al, Mg, Ti), light metal die casting and continuous casting, forming processes and heat treatment, material and process simulation

– Autonomy capabilities for manned and unmanned vehicles (collision avoidance, visual navigation, communication), countermeasures, certifications, applications (swarm, first responder, surveillance, mapping) with artificial intelligence, air traffic management (remote tower)

Research Infrastructure

– Scanning electron microscope, metallography laboratory, differential scanning calorimetry, forming dilatometer, tensile testing machine with climatic chamber

– Indoor aviation laboratory, customizable flight simulator, various unmanned aerial vehicles (copters, fixed-wing aircrafts), various specialized artificial intelligence training databases for various aerial applications (recognition, classification, segmentation, tracking)