Dynamic Perspective GmbH

Wehlistrasse 29, Stiege 1, Hof Top 1
A-1200 Vienna

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Main business/products/services in aeronautics

Dynamic Perspective develops unmanned Camerahelicopters and Camera Stabilisation Systems (Gimbals) for Film/TV and civil Geomatics applications.

The helicopters are optimized for civil precision applications. Flight controls are either fully autonomous, computer assisted or manual, depending on the application. Our Gimbals stabilize flight movements and vibrations of the helicopters, and allow crisp, vibration free motion pictures and precise GPS-referenced data. The light-weight Gimbals are for use in unmanned and manned helicopters or aircraft.

Supported CINE and Broadcast cameras for the Film/TV Industrie include: Sony HDC, Arri Alexa, Ikegami HDL & RED – as well as a HD Downlink for Live HDTV. Dynamic Perspective’s helicopter systems are adaptable to the specific Geomatics application: disaster control/emergency management, inspection of infrastructure, geo-mapping and change detection.