History of AAI Quality Committee & CBMC

13 May 2005 Constitution of the AAI Quality Committee (QC) and the AAI Certification Body Management Commitee (CBMC)
13 Sep 2005 Meeting of the EAQG-OPMT (European Aerospace Quality Group – Other Party Management Team) in Amsterdam, where EAQG-OPMT accepted the Austrian ICOP Scheme and gave their recommendation for its authorisation to the Quality Committee of ASD
21/22 Sep 2005 Meeting of the ASD Quality Committee in Munich (München), where ASD-QC gave the authorisation for the Austrian ICOP Scheme
23 Sep 2005 Admission of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs (BMWA, meanwhile BMWFJ) as National Accrediation Body (NAB) in the OASIS-Database
21 Dec 2005 Authentification of the first Austrian Aerospace Experience Auditors (AEA)
Jan 2007 Accreditation of the first Austrian Certification Body (CB): Quality Austria and first Austrian EN9100 Certification Audit performed at the company Böhler Ybbstal Profil GmbH
July 2009 15 company sites are certified by the Austrian Certification Body (CB)