Zoerkler Gears GmbH & Co KG

Friedrich Zoerkler Strasse 1
A-7093 Jois

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Main business/products/services in aeronautics

Zoerkler is specialist for development, production and testing of drive systems and transmissions in the field of aerospace, operating in international markets.
Amongst high quality transmissions and complete drive systems for helicopter and wing air craft Zoerkler offers precisely manufactured gears, bevel and spur gears, drive elements and other precision parts. In addition, Zoerkler is your partner for machining of casted parts.

The complete engineering and manufacturing process, beginning with design and production of prototypes up to testing and documentation of the complete drive train takes place in-house.
Specialized design engineers with long term experience and Know-How in transmission development and qualified employees in the field of production, CNC-technology, quality assurance and assembly are part of Zoerkler’s team.

Production is carried out in our high-tech machine park in Jois, Austria. Transmission components and complete drive systems are tested in Zoerkler’s own state-of-the-art test stands. Our test stands build one of the most modern test stand centers in Europe.